Scotch Plywood Wood Resources

Environmentally Sound Wood Resources

We understand that a quality finished product begins with quality raw materials.

We follow responsible forestry practices and use experienced, professional logging partners to harvest your timber. When your livelihood depends on the forest, environmentally sound practices are important to everyone, from the landowner to the logger.

Contact Us When You Have Timber to Sell

Southeast Alabama
Hudson Williams: 251-589-0049 (Monroeville, AL)
Doyle McKenzie: 251-402-6612 (Troy, AL)

Southwest Alabama
Kent Horton: 251-744-1400 (Coffeeville, AL)
Darron Dees: 251-564-1140 (Monroeville, AL)

Southeast Mississippi
Kyle Kennedy: 601-938-5568 (Quitman, MS)
Don Riley: 601-410-2965 (Waynesboro, MS)